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Our style- is innovative and exploratory, we take a holistic approach to the body and the practice of yoga by integrating many systems of healing into class in an effort to help create the changes we are looking for, those that can be measured as increased range of motion, improved muscle tone, stamina, increased energy and overall strength.  

Elizabeth's classes begin with techniques to release and relax targeted muscles, those designated by “the order of the day”.  They are used as foundational work for building toward a progressively more challenging set of asana, once resistance has been removed.  Her focus is on the art of self-healing through yoga and the fives senses as they relate to the five elements in the natural world.  The spirit of Yoga Mandara is uplifting and life affirming.  


A clear river flows more smoothly when impediments and blockages are removed, its current becomes stronger   Like a river, our bodie's energy circuit's and nervous system  balance with these techniques, prana flows in an unencumbered course through the body, nourishing the whole being.  Inhibitions and tensions are released in layers as the creative unfolding of one’s own true nature is unveiled. Attuned to a powerful stream of energy, our senses are awakened and we can comfortably move in a continuous flow set to music.  Yoga is art expressed with mindful awareness, finesse, and technique, and is felt as a curative tonic.  The continual practice of yoga produces a calm and tranquil state of mind, one is content with being.  


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