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Our approach to the body and yoga is both practical and effective, a highly organized method integrates techniques of healing into every class to release connective tissue and tight muscles.  This creates an environment for proper body alignment and the changes that you can feel immediately!

Changes that can be measured in results such as increased range of motion, improved muscle tone and stamina, increased energy and overall strength, chronic pain is eased or completely eliminated, and mood  and sleep patterns are improved!  

Classes begin with techniques to release targeted muscles, those designated by “the Natural order of the day”, and are used to build a solid and steady foundation to support the more challenging poses ahead.  


Once restrictions have been removed, the overall experience of yoga asana becomes more pleasant and enjoyable. Rather than pushing through, we can fully become united; mind, body spirit, One in the deep seat of a profound experience.


The Spirit of Yoga Mandara is uplifting and life affirming.   A clear river flows more smoothly when impediments are removed, its current becomes stronger.  Our bodies energy circuit's  and nervous system are like a river; when clear, prana, the vital life force, is balanced and can flow in an unencumbered pathway through the body nourishing each and every cell, organ,  and system in the human body! 

Attuned to a powerful stream of energy, our senses are awakened and we can comfortably move in a flow set to world music,  nature sounds, and rock to the rhythm of breath.

Tension and restrictions are released in layers as the creative unfolding of one’s true nature is unveiled.

Elizabeth Cosgrove, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, CEP

Founder & Director of Yoga Mandara & Mount Mandara School of Yoga, RYS 200, CEP, (Continuing Education Provider).

Elizabeth is an experienced registered yoga teacher, a member of Yoga Alliance and The International Association of Yoga Therapists. Elizabeth brings light and humor to a wildly creative practice that is fun and curative.  She began practicing yoga in her teens, in search of peace, and began tapping into knowledge and meditation by 1974.  

Her in-depth studies in the bio-mechanics of the human body, her extensive training in the therapeutic application of yoga, and her many years of helping clients and students heal themselves, have all helped to develop and refine her techniques and method.  The great traditions of yoga have nurtured the foundation, the firmament onto which Elizabeth’s fertile garden of knowledge has grown.  Informed by practice and study, she offer’s treasures of wisdom and experience collected from her long journey OM-ward.






Her diverse studies have included masters and great souls of many yogic traditions, including the precision and depth of Iyengar Yoga and Anusara Yoga, the breath work and kriyas of Kundalini Yoga, the meditations of raja yoga, the mantras and chanting of bhakti yoga, the philosophy and practices of tantra yoga, and Hindu mythology, all have inspired her practice and shaped her unique style.  

From 1999-2012 she studied Anusara Yoga extensively, and with some of the world's most inspiring hatha yoga masters, as well as notable scholars of tantra yoga and philosophy, Dr. Douglas Brooks, Paul Muller-Ortega, and Bill Mahoney.

Elizabeth has found a unique and creative way to impart this knowledge to her students through a comprehensive and empowering method that is built upon strong alignment with  a focus on the therapeutic application of yoga.  She seamlessly weaves mythology, tantric philosophy, astrology, sacred poetry, music, and chanting into her classes.  

All of the senses are engaged in an awakening of the self!




11115 Troy Rd  Rockville, MD 20852

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