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Elizabeth will build a program for you to practice at home, that will bring relief and improve the quality of your life. Yoga therapy is for the person who is willing to do the practice on a regular basis and recognizes that one day a week is not enough to stay pain free – it is that simple.  

Pain can often be a powerful motivator to do the practice.  When we discover yoga’s ultimate cure, a calm body and a peaceful mind, we stick with it, unlike exercise fads.


Your first visit will require two hours for the entire process, beginning with an assessment of your condition and discussion of your personal goals and expectations.  What do you want or need from yoga? What are you willing to do, (time and action), to accomplish your goal? 

Therapeutic techniques and adjustments are made to improve overall alignment and redirect the flow of fascia and prana, the vital life force, in the body.  The result is more freedom  and an energetic boost.  A program of yoga poses and yoga ball work are designed specifically to serve your needs and fulfill your goals. 

A regular yoga practice and its therapies are extremely effective in clearing a multitude of conditions when cultivated with a positive attitude, (most important), with diligence and awareness of alignment, you can expect immediate results.  You will leave feeling much better than when you arrived.






                                         Preparation Cleanliness and Comfort

* Bathe it is an important part of the practice of yoga, centuries old

* Wear comfortable stretchy clothing, leggings, for visible leg alignment, a tank top for women, and a close fitting t-shirt for men, (so it does not ride up or bag), and modest shorts


* Hydrate, drink plenty of water an hour before and not within fifteen minutes of practice, you can bring water 


* Eat, it is important to have fuel, two hours is required to digest a medium sized meal before yoga


* Remove your watch before practice, it affects energy and stamina. 


* Time, give yourself plenty of time to get to Yoga Mandara, so that you are calm and relaxed on arrival


* The studio is down the garden path, through the gate, the first door to left

* Bring an open mind, your attitude is the single most powerful tool you have to feel better


Make an appointment by calling or texting: 301-529-8126, or e-mail:


Fee: $90 per hour- One hour minimum, billed in 15 minute increments.


Recommended: first time visit: 2 hours- $150- (first session of two hours is discounted.  Includes assessment, building a program, and practice. 


Inquire about pricing for duets and special groups


Elizabeth Cosgrove, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Founder & Director of Yoga Mandara

Mandara Mount Mandara School of Yoga, RYS 200 

11115 Troy Road, Rockville, Md. 20852



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