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Mount Mandara School of Yoga

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RYT 200, Registered Yoga School, CEP- Continuing Education Provider

Yoga ~ Astrology ~ Mythology

Body    Mind       Spirit 


A comprehensive 200 hour yoga teacher training, informed by three main branches of study

Yoga Deeply rooted in classical hatha yoga, we incorporate into the practice influences from the many branches of yoga.  Our approach to the physical practice of asana is designed to therapeutically restore balance using a healthy engagement of muscle tone and integrity, combined with flexibility and freedom, thereby cultivating an attitude of bliss!   Each class is conducted with a creative and therapeutic exploration of the body with particular focus on specific areas and systems within the body.   Classical yoga poses are practiced along with variations and modifications to awaken consciousness.  The practice of pranayama, or breath control, and meditation are used to deepen our experience and awareness of an extraordinary inner life.





         partnership                                            cooperation                                    self expression


Learn the Art of Yoga

                                             meditation                  mudra






                       asana             pranayama, bandhas, kriyas              anatomy  


Astrology (an ancient sister art of yoga)- We use moon astrology to define the tempo of a class and its anatomical focus for the day.  Moon astrology shapes the mood, energy, and tone of a class, and governs the forms in the body of the poses we practice.  Each lunar cycle we move progressively through the entire body putting a focus and spotlight on specific parts and systems, from the crown of the head and brain, ruled by Aries, all the way down to the toes and the immune system, ruled by Pisces (and everything in between). Our moods and energy patterns are influenced by the rhythms of the Moon with energetic peaks and valleys that correlate to the moon's phases.  We artfully mirror the Moon's cycle and direct the energy and flow of a class to correspond with the astrological sign that the Moon is transiting through on any given day, (the Moon is the fastest moving celestial body in our solar system.  It stays in each zodiac sign for a period of 2.5 days, approximately and thereby exerts its influence on our collective feelings and mood). Yoga Mandara’s teachings are in harmony with the rhythms of the seasons, the Moon’s phases, and the major planetary influences that connect us to a powerful current of collective universal energy.











Study the moon and stars                     The Zodiac                                 Astronomy








            Goddesses                             Mythology                        Shiva and Family                                                                            






          Vishnu                             Yoga Philosophy                    Shiva & his Shakti


Mythology (another ancient sister art of yoga)- The mythologies associated with yoga have endured for thousands of years and are a way for us to symbolically connect to the “bigger story”, and our collective histories.  Asana is assigned more meaning and depth as an expression of myth in action.  The virtues associated with a sign’s archetypes and mythologies are fostered as the heart qualities of a yogin, and those we hope to cultivate. Myths reveal to us the nature of the universe within.  















Mount Mandara graduates are distinguished by their level of scholarship and skill, with a unique vision for practical change and improvement for themselves and their students.  

Rich Teachings, beyond the required subject matter designated by Yoga Alliance, mythology, astrology, yogic practices, the 8 limbs of yoga, yoga philosophy and its history, anatomy and physical assists, ayurveda, tantra yoga, raja yoga, hatha yoga, bhakti yoga and more.  

The Practice, asana, mudras, (yoga for the hands), acupressure, chanting, pranayama, and meditation.  We will study some of the earth based practices with an introduction to bio-dynamics, herbs, yogic foods and diet, as well as tantric cosmology , teachings from The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and some of the key ancient texts of yoga that describe what yoga's purpose and practice is for.  


Graduates, from Mount Mandara will be able to attend a yoga class anywhere in the world and feel comfortably adept or able to modify poses to suit their needs.  They will be able to teach a yoga class of the highest caliber to all levels, and be confident that the teachings are solid when applying intelligent alignment.  They are self-assured with a well-organized class plan that is progressively sequenced, and is creative and inspiring.

 Method, students of Mount Mandara have a highly evolved system of yoga to draw from, (a template for successful classes).  A student may adhere to the system, which defines a clear and concise path through the practice and an easy to follow template for class plans; or you may wish to simply enrich your knowledge of yoga by choosing to not teach; or to pick from the teachings that which serves you most gracefully.


Certification, all who pass the final examinations will be awarded their certificate of completion, making them eligible to apply to Yoga Alliance for their registration card and begin their professional yoga career.














About Elizabeth Cosgrove- E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Elizabeth brings humor, creativity, fun, and experience to the practice and study of yoga.   Her focus is on the art of self-healing through yoga and the fives senses as they relate to the five elements in the natural world.  The spirit of Yoga Mandara is uplifting and life affirming.  This training is a culmination of Elizabeth's experience in yoga and meditation since 1974, and is a result of many years of learning, teaching, and experimentation with yoga.   Her in-depth studies of Anusara Yoga and the bio-mechanics of the human body, extensive training in the therapeutic application of yoga and exhaustive work on clients and students, have all helped to evolve and refine her technique, that which supports healing and advancement in yoga.   Numerous teachers from the great traditions of yoga have helped to shape the solid firmament onto which Elizabeth's unusual garden of knowledge has grown.  Enriched by many years of practice, her teachers past, present, and those to be, she offers treasures of wisdom collected from her long journey OMward.

Mount Mandara School of Yoga 

Teacher Training upcoming dates TBA 


Schedule: Two days a lunar cycle  

The YTT program will include:

  • Meeting with Elizabeth to work on developing your skills to optimize your strengths and weaknesses, Q and A discussion and personal assistance.

  • Apprenticeship program available, which entails observation and note taking, participation and active engagement in assisted teaching, learning verbal cues and physical adjustments and assists to enhance a students experience and understanding of the asana.

  • 10% discounts on workshops

  • Saturday's 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Sunday's 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

  • Please bring your lunch, water


Tuition Fee: $3,000

Deposit: $150 non- refundable 

Payment Plans Available

  • Quarterly Payment:  $790 12

  • Individual weekends:  $275                         

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mount Mandara School of Yoga, RYS-200, CEP

11115 Troy Rd, Rockville, MD 20852   301-529-8126

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